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There are many more unique colors to each Brand on their own Page. These colors represented here are the widest choice that are carried by all the brands. Check out each Pocket Tee page if you do not see what you are looking for.

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Custom Pocket Tees have been the choice of working men and women for many years. This is not to say you need be out there working to wear a custom pocket t shirt, No not at all.  It is just that those who work with their hands have found many advantages of wearing Pocket Tees opposed to a No Pocket Tee. That extra place to hold items that need to be at reach at all times is very important. The Pocket also looks really nice when it is printed on it or above it. Companies who invest in custom apparel know the advantages that are gained from both the marketing aspect and the professional appearance aspect alike. Not only are both those items so important from a companies marketing aspect. But also when a crew is outfitted with the companies logo and custom pocket t shirts it promotes pride and unity when out servicing customers.

Pocket T Shirt Design

Custom Pocket T Shirts can be printed on or above the pocket’s. And of course there is the option to also print on the backside of custom pocket shirts too. When deciding on your pocket tee design it is a good idea to have in mind which location you will be printing. On or above the pockets. Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company we like to express to our customers that less is best when you do your pocket tee design. There is a set amount of space on the pockets than can be printed on. Generally speaking there is 3.25 x 3.25 Inches of Print space when printing on the Pocket’s. If you choose to print above the pockets there is more width available but less height. Above the Pockets can be printed up to 5 Inches wide and about 2.5 Inches High. Keep these settings in mind for your printed pocket tees. We offer a Pocket T Shirt Template for all Brands in our design studio. This will aid in to design pocket tee’s.  Those who go with a text only front logo should consider above the pocket as it offers a proportionate area. Those who go with a graphic logo that is more on the square or round side should consider printing on pockets.

Custom T Shirt with Pocket

Custom T Shirts with Front Pocket can be ordered in many different brands and fabrics. This is another decision that needs to be thought about when you order shirts with pocket design. Just like when ordering regular custom t shirts, graphic pocket tees come in heavy weight, super heavy weight, 50-50 fabric, long and short sleeves. We offer Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Jerzees, Gildan, and other top quality cheap pocket t shirts. The major branding should be saved for the backs of your custom pocket tees. This is where you company name, logo, address, phone #, web address, et. etc. can be added. Keep the pocket t shirt design simple and readable on the fronts and it will pay back dividends. We have a great pocket tee template for designing the backs as well. The pocket t shirt template is all scaled to give actual representations as close as possible when designing pocket t shirts.

Pocket Design T Shirts

Monogrammed pocket t shirts will be much appreciated by all employees who get a chance to wear them. Along with a good pocket design the company looks professional and gets marketing value as well. We sell our custom t shirts with front pocket at really cheap[ screen printing prices. The prices are all inclusive with free shipping, set-ups, screens, and artwork. For those who do not already have a logo we offer all the trades and business graphics for just about any occupation. Along with our easy to use design studio a professional look can be obtained by all. Text tools, clip art, and instructions can get you designing a t shirt with pocket design just as good as any graphic artist can. So please take a look at all we have to offer for pocket tees custom printed here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing.



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